Perth 8D7N Itenary (Dec 2016) – Day 2

Because it’s meant to be a “chill” holiday, we slept in till 1030am and headed out straight for Brunch. But first, we took the Cat Bus (free shuttle bus that always have seats unlike public transports in SG *roll eyes*) to Hay St to get our bicycles rented from Cycle Centre  for 4 days at $50.00AUD.

Rode to nearby train station (Perth City) and headed over to Fremantle (Yes, there are designated corners for riders to park their bicycles onboard each carriage for on public trains!) Super convenient.


I highly recommend all coffee-lovers to pop by this store called “The Coffee Connection” in Fremantle Market. They sell all sorts of flavored coffeebeans that tasted sooooo great! I ended up buying 3 fulls bags of flavored coffee beans (French vanilla, Irish creme and Black Forest) home.



Day 2 dinner is served. We bought the chickens from Super Iga at “Reduced” price, 4 for $3.70aud!!

Our dinner is always kept simple. Just baked the quater chicken, fry out some kale with garlic (for some greens) and strawberries that were also on sale too haha. Yummmehhh.


Perth 8D7N Itenary (Dec 2016) – Day 1

  • Breakfast at Tuck Shop (luvvvvvvv the fries!!)
  • Checked in to our AirBnB @ 152 Fritzgerald Street (awesome and clean apartment, friendly Asian host)
  • Took a stroll along Northbridge (Elizabeth Quay + Bell Tower)
  • Twilight Night Market (@Forest place, only available on Fridays running from 4.30pm-9pm)
  • Shopping at Super Iga

Tip 1: Take  bus 380 from Perth airport (terminal 1 or 2) or bus 40 (from terminal 3 or 4) – $4.60AUD/pax

Tip 2: We advanced-bought our tickets to Rottnest Island (day 3 activity) near the Bell tower. Note that the tickets are at HALF-PRICE on Tuesdays ($39aud from Fremantle –> Rottnest, and $59aud from Perth city –> Rottnest)! No bicycle included (but no sweat ‘cos you are allowed to transport your own bicycles on public trains and the Rottnest ferry as well. That was what we did which was so much more cheaper!) Usual price is $79 and 99aud on every other days!

Tip3: Twilight night market has really good ambience and music. But we find the food kinda pricey so we just had really small bites. We decided to go home and cook our own dinner instead haha. Sobs #lifeofabudgettraveller




Tuck Shop’s fries were hand-cut and they tasted so so fresh! Their portion was really huge too! We were so full we had to pack the rest of the chips for dinner. And mind you, we have a really huge appetite. And when i say “huge”, is reallllllyyyyyy huuuuuuuuuuuuge.


Elizabeth Quay that looks like any other CBD around the world?


Got my korean fried chicken at $10aud (FML??!) from the Twilight Night market. Now you get what i mean when i say the food is pricey there. But i was really craving for some fried chix then… Do not judge a hungry girl’s food choice 😦


Dinner is served (with our K-drama)! Spot our leftover chips from brunch! :p

Tip 4: Buy your groceries from Super Iga, which is a value dollar supermarket. They are much cheaper than branded supermarkets like Coles. They often have fresh produce that are at “REDUCED” prices (as much as 1/3 the original price) for meats that are about to expire.

We grocery-shopped practically every night just to source for these “Reduced” items, and also ‘cos we really enjoyed grocery shopping hehe. We saved a ton just by cooking our own dinner every night. Kudos to the airbnb that we were staying in that has such ideal facilities.