Perth 8D7N Itenary (Dec 2016) – Day 2

Because it’s meant to be a “chill” holiday, we slept in till 1030am and headed out straight for Brunch. But first, we took the Cat Bus (free shuttle bus that always have seats unlike public transports in SG *roll eyes*) to Hay St to get our bicycles rented from Cycle Centre  for 4 days at $50.00AUD.

Rode to nearby train station (Perth City) and headed over to Fremantle (Yes, there are designated corners for riders to park their bicycles onboard each carriage for on public trains!) Super convenient.


I highly recommend all coffee-lovers to pop by this store called “The Coffee Connection” in Fremantle Market. They sell all sorts of flavored coffeebeans that tasted sooooo great! I ended up buying 3 fulls bags of flavored coffee beans (French vanilla, Irish creme and Black Forest) home.



Day 2 dinner is served. We bought the chickens from Super Iga at “Reduced” price, 4 for $3.70aud!!

Our dinner is always kept simple. Just baked the quater chicken, fry out some kale with garlic (for some greens) and strawberries that were also on sale too haha. Yummmehhh.


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