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Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 8

Highlight of the day:

  • Fremantle (again)
  • Dimsum dinner at BamBamBoo

It’s finally our last day here in Perth 😦

We decided to let it be a chill day and revisit a place we both like. And that gotta be Fremantle. We really love Fremantle for the food, ambience and things we get to see there. And of course, i went back to The Coffee Connection to pick up more flavored coffeebeans. 🙂

Along the way, we picked up some “health food” from the health food store called “Naked”. I really love Naked, because they sell really awesome snacks like cinnamon-coated almonds (my favvvvvvvvv!!!!!), honey macadamia, choc-coated bananas, choc-coated coffeemeans, yogurt-coated strawberries, etc etc. I really missed all these sobbles.



We headed over to Belle K Cronut Bar (which is right at the entrance of the Fremantle market) because i was eyeing the cronuts since day 2 oops :p


I got the Tim Tam Cronut and Justin got a Nutella hot chocolate and they both were super A M A Z E B A L L S! ‘Nuff said.

Oh, and if you guys happen to “feel rich”, go ahead and buy this thing called the “honey cake” in the market. Okay, you see it at the night market too, but the prices are the same. They taste really awesome. We know it because we got the free samples (like duh?!) haha. Take note that they are not gluten-free, though.

For dinner, we are feeling alittle “asian” and contemplating if we should make a detour to 真真小笼 to try it out since the fact that there is a queue to it every single day must mean that they serve really good food right?! (LOL very “singaporean” mindset i know oh wellz) However, the cold deter us from making that long journey so we just stayed within the CBD and chanced upon this place called Bam Bam Boo.


The reviews were pretty good even though there were barely any asians in the restaurant. But glad we took the leap of faith because Bam Bam Boo served a pretty legit chinese dim sums! I especially love their black truffle xiao long baos and their orange marmalade deep fried chicken. Highly recommend anyone who miss their asian food in Perth 🙂


We went back the way we came. So Bus 380 from Elizabeth quay straight back to the airport.


Time to go back :((



Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 7

Highlight of the day: Exploring the city (good food) via feet

Okay…. We finally returned our bicycles on day 7, so we had to travel around via the catbus (which is FOC). I supposed because we really scrimped and saved every penny the past few days, we finally had a bit more luxury to splurge on some good food on our 2nd last day here in Perth 😦

Some of the good restaurants in the CBD area which were recommended by our friends:

  • Took Bae Kee 2 (Cheap and good korean food near Hay St)
  • Ribs and Burgers
  • KoKo Black
  • 真真小笼 (this is a chinese restaurant that has forever a queue to it idk why)

Some of the cafes in the CBD area which were recommended by our friends:

  • Chippery & Co (North Bridge)
  • Tuck Shop Cafe (North Bridge)
  • Little Willy’s (North Bridge)
  • Willie Wagtail (highly recommended!! But the latest update: permanently closed?!)
  • Toastface Grillah (CBD)


Koko Black’s review



Couldn’t decide to get a cinnamon hot chocolate or a belgium iced chocolate, so we each orderd one. I think we both like the iced chocolate better. The Hot choc was “light”, because we decided to get a “healthier” option by swapping out the full cream milk to a skimmed one. Well, guess there’s just something about good ‘ol fatty beverage that cannot be substituted by anything “healthy” without altering its taste right?

Can’t really recall the name of the dessert we ordered… but it was this caramel mousse thing that was so decadent and velvety hmmmmm. Loved it!

Toastface Grillah’s review


We got our Notorious B.A.G grilled cheese (not on their online menu) at $9. It’s basically Gouda, Ham, caramelized apple sliced and onions. It was really so so good.

However, finding a seat here is pretty difficult because the space of the cafe (outdoor only) is kinda small and it’s always packed with people from all walks of lives; ranging from students, to families, and those people in suits and ties! Now you can imagine how popular this place is!


Casually posing with my cuppa long black outside the shop. The staff was actually so nice that she offered to change another cup for me because i came to collect my coffee late and it was “cold”.


As for dinner, we got some chicken skewers and peri peri chicken (mine was topped with more cheese!) All these were within our $10 budget and it was so yummy hmmm. :))

Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 6

Highlight of the day: Caversham Wildlife park

We went back to the route of swan valley, had our coffeefix at yahava (again) and headed toward the Caversham Wildlife park on the opposite direction. *Refer to day 3 map*

It was a pretty long ride there because we were lost a couple of times, but it should not be a problem at all if you drive there.


We waited for the animal show at 3pm, where you get to see how smart the herding dogs in the farm are, a live demonstration on how-to-clip-a-goat, etc. They also had a mini segment where they chose a few kids to go up to milk the cow, as well as to feed the mini sheeps some milk from the milk bottles. How adorbz.


And if you are wondering why are these kids Asian…. yes, they are from a massive singapore tour group, and nope, we are not part of them haha.


A very friendly staff gave me some veggies FOC to feed these cute bunnies!


Feeding the kangaroos are also FOC here!


We also queued to get a shot with this fattybombom Wombat aka my counterpart HAHA.


Because we are almost coming to the end of the trip, we decided to make something unique for dinner. It’s the BBQ-pulledchicken-cheese fries, loading with some Jalepenos and onions yumzzz. The fries was hand cut by Justin, though you probably can’t see them from the picture. And because we don’t have a deep-fryer, we basically just tossed the potatoes in the some olive oil and baked them in the oven at 250 until crispy… about 30mins!

Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 5

Highlight of the day: Rottnest island

Woke up slightly earlier to catch the 11.30am ferry! Remember guys, you can load up your own bicycle up the ferry. Just remember to see it get tagged and loaded up before you board the ferry!



Got my cup of long black from the coffee house right in front of the ferry terminal, and my tandoori chicken salad from (again) Super Iga.


Rottnest island is legit such a beauty. I can’t express how much i love the beauty of the the nature i see at Rottnest. Blue sky, clear sea, and amazing rocks and wildlife.


And of course, the main purpose of our trip to Rottnest island was really to find this little cutie Quokka! We spotted solo ones here and there along the cycling paths, but it was at this shady, chill and deserted paths where we spotted a whole load of them! For sure, quokkas don’t like the sun as much as the aussies do :p


FYI, the island was named “Rottnest” because it was dominated by Quokkas and people used to think these small wallaby-like creatures were rats?!


My humble attempt to get a “quokka-selfie”!

FullSizeRender (6)

After a thousand attempts, i finally got a decent shot with these little ball of cuteness hehe. Quokkas are really so lovely because they are just so curious and friendly to human beings!


For dinner, we just cooked up all our leftover meat from the previous day. Sorry (but not really) for the unappealing dinner, it was good though haha. Simple men, simple life hmmm.

Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 4

Highlights of the day:

  • BBQ picnic at Kings Park
  • Taking the legendary “Bluehouse-photo”
  • San Churros!

I love the electric bbq pit in aussie!! Unlike those in ECP in Singapore, you don’t have to book/pay for the bbq pit, plus, it is an electric-pit so there is no need to buy charcoals and whatnot. Such hussle-free!!!

We cycled to a grocery store (Super Iga, again) to get some essentials like tongs and oil, snacks, fruits (all the picnic food) and some meats for us to bbq! We bought the pre-seasoned ones so we can literally skip the trouble of us having to marinate them.



Just bbq-ing our unseemingly flavorful organic peri peri chicken breasts and gluten free gourmet chicken sausage yumzzz.


Picnic-ing with a view.


After lunch, we cycled upwards to the top of kings park to get a good view of the city. We also grabbed a cup of ice coffee and sat down on the grass patch to chill just like the locals :p


The legendary bluehouse shot.


But i actually love this view better :’) Also, there is no need to be thick-skinned and pose while the whole world is waiting for your shots to be taken. Yes, behind that glam bluehouse shot, is a bunch of grumpy ppl queueing to take the same photos as you LOL.


And here i was, being pretentious and all… being slightly indifferent to the stares behind the camera…..


And of course, i wouldn’t be called “thefattytourist” for nothing right? How can i end the day without trying the all famous San Churro!! They have many outlets in Aussie, but we found one on the way back home. We shared a-plate-for-two red velvet churros with cream cheese frosting and it was T H E B O M B Z!!! It’s a tad pricey, but i honestly think it’s worth a try! We didn’t get to order all the fancy drinks they have, but we heard that their chocolate drinks are really good. Try it and let me know if it’s indeed worth all the calories. Hehehe.


Dinner!! As usual, we popped by Super Iga in a sheer attempt to clear their “reduced” items. We got ourselves some “reduced” chicken breasts to make the cheesy chicken patty (in the pan), some salmon cream cheese cake (bottom plate) and some “reduced” apple crumble (that was mehhhh). Could’ve been better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream though? hehe. And Justin cooked up some indomee which he got it from the Asian Supermarket. And if you are wondering…. yes, we overeat every day heh.

Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 3

Highlight of the day: (attempted to) Complete the Swan valley trail (32km) via our bicycles

Result: Completed only 1/10 of the trail

We got alil’ too ambitious thinking as long as we cycle fast, we could finish the 32km trail. Well, what can i say? We (or, arguably i) woke up a tad too late and only left house at about 1.30pm after having our lunch at home.

If you have looked up on the internet, you would have seen many food bloggers/journalists giving you a whole list of “to-go cafes or eateries”. But as for the 2 budget travellers, Justin and I could not really afford to check off the entire list. Besides, there were only 2 of us, so there was only THAT MUCH we can order/eat.

One tip for budget travellers: There are alot of “wine tasting”, “coffee tasting”, “choc tasting” etc on the left side of the trail. So if you are not looking to spend a ton of money but still want to have a fair share of this treats, then….. you know where to go *hint hint*!


^attached is the swan valley food trail map. You can find the places of attraction as well as restaurants/cafes if you need a break. (Because we have our own bikes, we started our trail from where the purple box writes “to perth” (middle left)


Major shoutout to all my kopi-lovers out there! You gotta try Yahava’s coffee. Even Justin (who aint as much a coffee-drinker) loves their coffee! They have lotsa coffee (beans) options and flavors, and they also sell all sorts of coffee accessories eg Coffee mugs, french press, beans, etc. On some days, they have coffee workshops too. Other days, you can just go there and the friendly staffs will actually walk you through the coffee-making process and let you sample some of their beans yay! 🙂

Also, they have drive-thrus too, for the convenience of those who are driving through this trail!


Don’t you just love sipping on your warm cuppa by the lakeside in a chilly weather, soaking up some vitamin D while watching little aussie kids running and having so much fun together? :’)img_6075

In less than 400m away, adjacent to Yahava is the next MUST-GO!! The Magaret River Chocolate Co! Again, they have lotsa chocolates and wines samples for you before you purchase anything 😉


Just one handful of complimentary chocolate buttons….. HA HA, who am i kidding, just one of the (many) handful i mean! :p


We got a junior cone of honey macadamia flavor ice cream! Highly recommended!! The cones come in various sizes, but honestly after all the coffee and complimentary choc, a junior cone is all you need yumzzz.


We also bought a cluster of dark choc macadamia and a pc of sea salt toffee choc. Cant remember the price, but i believe is the normal “gourmet choc” price you can find at Godiva too. My philosophy is….. It’s okay to treat yourself once in a blue moon right? 😉

Day 3 dinner was KFC at Perth central station. What a surprise? HAHA not really. Are you kidding me, KFC is defo our favvv! Imagine piping hot fried chix on a very chilly night… hmmm, nothing beats that :’) However, nothing special about aussie kfc though, except that they don’t serve cheese fries like the ones in SG boooooo.