Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 3

Highlight of the day: (attempted to) Complete the Swan valley trail (32km) via our bicycles

Result: Completed only 1/10 of the trail

We got alil’ too ambitious thinking as long as we cycle fast, we could finish the 32km trail. Well, what can i say? We (or, arguably i) woke up a tad too late and only left house at about 1.30pm after having our lunch at home.

If you have looked up on the internet, you would have seen many food bloggers/journalists giving you a whole list of “to-go cafes or eateries”. But as for the 2 budget travellers, Justin and I could not really afford to check off the entire list. Besides, there were only 2 of us, so there was only THAT MUCH we can order/eat.

One tip for budget travellers: There are alot of “wine tasting”, “coffee tasting”, “choc tasting” etc on the left side of the trail. So if you are not looking to spend a ton of money but still want to have a fair share of this treats, then….. you know where to go *hint hint*!


^attached is the swan valley food trail map. You can find the places of attraction as well as restaurants/cafes if you need a break. (Because we have our own bikes, we started our trail from where the purple box writes “to perth” (middle left)


Major shoutout to all my kopi-lovers out there! You gotta try Yahava’s coffee. Even Justin (who aint as much a coffee-drinker) loves their coffee! They have lotsa coffee (beans) options and flavors, and they also sell all sorts of coffee accessories eg Coffee mugs, french press, beans, etc. On some days, they have coffee workshops too. Other days, you can just go there and the friendly staffs will actually walk you through the coffee-making process and let you sample some of their beans yay! 🙂

Also, they have drive-thrus too, for the convenience of those who are driving through this trail!


Don’t you just love sipping on your warm cuppa by the lakeside in a chilly weather, soaking up some vitamin D while watching little aussie kids running and having so much fun together? :’)img_6075

In less than 400m away, adjacent to Yahava is the next MUST-GO!! The Magaret River Chocolate Co! Again, they have lotsa chocolates and wines samples for you before you purchase anything 😉


Just one handful of complimentary chocolate buttons….. HA HA, who am i kidding, just one of the (many) handful i mean! :p


We got a junior cone of honey macadamia flavor ice cream! Highly recommended!! The cones come in various sizes, but honestly after all the coffee and complimentary choc, a junior cone is all you need yumzzz.


We also bought a cluster of dark choc macadamia and a pc of sea salt toffee choc. Cant remember the price, but i believe is the normal “gourmet choc” price you can find at Godiva too. My philosophy is….. It’s okay to treat yourself once in a blue moon right? 😉

Day 3 dinner was KFC at Perth central station. What a surprise? HAHA not really. Are you kidding me, KFC is defo our favvv! Imagine piping hot fried chix on a very chilly night… hmmm, nothing beats that :’) However, nothing special about aussie kfc though, except that they don’t serve cheese fries like the ones in SG boooooo.


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