Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 5

Highlight of the day: Rottnest island

Woke up slightly earlier to catch the 11.30am ferry! Remember guys, you can load up your own bicycle up the ferry. Just remember to see it get tagged and loaded up before you board the ferry!



Got my cup of long black from the coffee house right in front of the ferry terminal, and my tandoori chicken salad from (again) Super Iga.


Rottnest island is legit such a beauty. I can’t express how much i love the beauty of the the nature i see at Rottnest. Blue sky, clear sea, and amazing rocks and wildlife.


And of course, the main purpose of our trip to Rottnest island was really to find this little cutie Quokka! We spotted solo ones here and there along the cycling paths, but it was at this shady, chill and deserted paths where we spotted a whole load of them! For sure, quokkas don’t like the sun as much as the aussies do :p


FYI, the island was named “Rottnest” because it was dominated by Quokkas and people used to think these small wallaby-like creatures were rats?!


My humble attempt to get a “quokka-selfie”!

FullSizeRender (6)

After a thousand attempts, i finally got a decent shot with these little ball of cuteness hehe. Quokkas are really so lovely because they are just so curious and friendly to human beings!


For dinner, we just cooked up all our leftover meat from the previous day. Sorry (but not really) for the unappealing dinner, it was good though haha. Simple men, simple life hmmm.


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