Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 6

Highlight of the day: Caversham Wildlife park

We went back to the route of swan valley, had our coffeefix at yahava (again) and headed toward the Caversham Wildlife park on the opposite direction. *Refer to day 3 map*

It was a pretty long ride there because we were lost a couple of times, but it should not be a problem at all if you drive there.


We waited for the animal show at 3pm, where you get to see how smart the herding dogs in the farm are, a live demonstration on how-to-clip-a-goat, etc. They also had a mini segment where they chose a few kids to go up to milk the cow, as well as to feed the mini sheeps some milk from the milk bottles. How adorbz.


And if you are wondering why are these kids Asian…. yes, they are from a massive singapore tour group, and nope, we are not part of them haha.


A very friendly staff gave me some veggies FOC to feed these cute bunnies!


Feeding the kangaroos are also FOC here!


We also queued to get a shot with this fattybombom Wombat aka my counterpart HAHA.


Because we are almost coming to the end of the trip, we decided to make something unique for dinner. It’s the BBQ-pulledchicken-cheese fries, loading with some Jalepenos and onions yumzzz. The fries was hand cut by Justin, though you probably can’t see them from the picture. And because we don’t have a deep-fryer, we basically just tossed the potatoes in the some olive oil and baked them in the oven at 250 until crispy… about 30mins!


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