Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 7

Highlight of the day: Exploring the city (good food) via feet

Okay…. We finally returned our bicycles on day 7, so we had to travel around via the catbus (which is FOC). I supposed because we really scrimped and saved every penny the past few days, we finally had a bit more luxury to splurge on some good food on our 2nd last day here in Perth 😦

Some of the good restaurants in the CBD area which were recommended by our friends:

  • Took Bae Kee 2 (Cheap and good korean food near Hay St)
  • Ribs and Burgers
  • KoKo Black
  • 真真小笼 (this is a chinese restaurant that has forever a queue to it idk why)

Some of the cafes in the CBD area which were recommended by our friends:

  • Chippery & Co (North Bridge)
  • Tuck Shop Cafe (North Bridge)
  • Little Willy’s (North Bridge)
  • Willie Wagtail (highly recommended!! But the latest update: permanently closed?!)
  • Toastface Grillah (CBD)


Koko Black’s review



Couldn’t decide to get a cinnamon hot chocolate or a belgium iced chocolate, so we each orderd one. I think we both like the iced chocolate better. The Hot choc was “light”, because we decided to get a “healthier” option by swapping out the full cream milk to a skimmed one. Well, guess there’s just something about good ‘ol fatty beverage that cannot be substituted by anything “healthy” without altering its taste right?

Can’t really recall the name of the dessert we ordered… but it was this caramel mousse thing that was so decadent and velvety hmmmmm. Loved it!

Toastface Grillah’s review


We got our Notorious B.A.G grilled cheese (not on their online menu) at $9. It’s basically Gouda, Ham, caramelized apple sliced and onions. It was really so so good.

However, finding a seat here is pretty difficult because the space of the cafe (outdoor only) is kinda small and it’s always packed with people from all walks of lives; ranging from students, to families, and those people in suits and ties! Now you can imagine how popular this place is!


Casually posing with my cuppa long black outside the shop. The staff was actually so nice that she offered to change another cup for me because i came to collect my coffee late and it was “cold”.


As for dinner, we got some chicken skewers and peri peri chicken (mine was topped with more cheese!) All these were within our $10 budget and it was so yummy hmmm. :))


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