Perth 8D7N Itinerary (Dec 2016) – Day 8

Highlight of the day:

  • Fremantle (again)
  • Dimsum dinner at BamBamBoo

It’s finally our last day here in Perth 😦

We decided to let it be a chill day and revisit a place we both like. And that gotta be Fremantle. We really love Fremantle for the food, ambience and things we get to see there. And of course, i went back to The Coffee Connection to pick up more flavored coffeebeans. 🙂

Along the way, we picked up some “health food” from the health food store called “Naked”. I really love Naked, because they sell really awesome snacks like cinnamon-coated almonds (my favvvvvvvvv!!!!!), honey macadamia, choc-coated bananas, choc-coated coffeemeans, yogurt-coated strawberries, etc etc. I really missed all these sobbles.



We headed over to Belle K Cronut Bar (which is right at the entrance of the Fremantle market) because i was eyeing the cronuts since day 2 oops :p


I got the Tim Tam Cronut and Justin got a Nutella hot chocolate and they both were super A M A Z E B A L L S! ‘Nuff said.

Oh, and if you guys happen to “feel rich”, go ahead and buy this thing called the “honey cake” in the market. Okay, you see it at the night market too, but the prices are the same. They taste really awesome. We know it because we got the free samples (like duh?!) haha. Take note that they are not gluten-free, though.

For dinner, we are feeling alittle “asian” and contemplating if we should make a detour to 真真小笼 to try it out since the fact that there is a queue to it every single day must mean that they serve really good food right?! (LOL very “singaporean” mindset i know oh wellz) However, the cold deter us from making that long journey so we just stayed within the CBD and chanced upon this place called Bam Bam Boo.


The reviews were pretty good even though there were barely any asians in the restaurant. But glad we took the leap of faith because Bam Bam Boo served a pretty legit chinese dim sums! I especially love their black truffle xiao long baos and their orange marmalade deep fried chicken. Highly recommend anyone who miss their asian food in Perth 🙂


We went back the way we came. So Bus 380 from Elizabeth quay straight back to the airport.


Time to go back :((




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